Santo Domingo Airport Terminals

Santo Domingo airport (SDQ) has one building with two terminals: Terminal A and Terminal B, also known as North Terminal (Terminal B) and South terminal (Terminal A). Both terminals are located in a walking distance between each other. The terminal building has three floors.


- Floor 1: with the car rental counters and the main parking lot.

- Floor 2: Departures floor with many services and facilities.

- Floor 3: with cafés, restaurants and many other services and facilities.


Terminal A (South Terminal)

It is the oldest Terminal, it has several services and facilities.

Lounge: Sala VIP Caribe - Located at Terminal A (south concourse), airside. Opening hours: from 6 am to 11.30 pm every day.


Terminal B (North Terminal)

Is the newest Terminal and the most modern in the whole Dominican Republic. The goal is to convert this terminal in one of the most concurrent and important in terms of traffic passengers in all Latin America.

Lounge: Copa Club - Located at Terminal B (north concourse), in gate B4. Opening hours: from 5 am to 7 pm.

Terminal B is divided into two main concourses:

- Concourse A: with gates from A1 to A6

- Concourse B: with gates from B1 to B5. It has a VIP lounge exclusive for business passengers and VIP members.


Services and Facilities at both Terminals:

- Free Wi-Fi access

- ATMs and Banking (Banreservas, Banco Popular)

- Currency Exchange

- Post Office

- Car Rentals

- Duty Free, Shops, Food and drinks

- Pharmacy services



The airport operates with the following airlines:

- Air Antilles Express: 809-621-8888

- Air Caraibes: 809-621-8888

- Aserca Airlines

- Air Europa: 809-683-8033

- Air France: 809-686-8432

- American Airlines: 809-542-5151

- Avianca: 809-200-8662

- Condor: 809-689-9625

- Copa Airlines: 809-472-2233

- Cubana: 809-227-2040

- Delta Air Lines: 809-955-1500

- Iberia

- Insel Air: 809-621-8888

- Intercaribbean Airways: 809-200-0252

- Jetairfly

- JetBlue Airways: 809-200-9898

- Laser Airlines

- PAWA Dominicana: 829-735-0300

- Seaborne Airlines: 809-563-7070

- Spirit Airlines: 809-549-0200

- United Airlines: 809-262-1060

- Venezolana: 809-540-8692