Santo Domingo Airport Transportation


Many passengers that arrive at the airport have prearranged local transportation through a tour operator. These companies have representatives at the airport to guide guests to vehicles waiting to take them to the reserved resort.


The taxi rank is located on Level 1 of the South Terminal. The authorized company and the only one that operates at SDQ airport is called SICHALA.

All taxis operate with standard rates and most drivers carry a copy of these. It is recommended to clarify your destination and the price in advance. You pay upon arrival at your destination. To go to downtown Santo Domingo is about 1,600-1,800 RD$ (fuel is expensive there) and travel time is about 30 minutes. As an advice, we would recommend you to ask for the rates before picking up a taxi.


Most hotels have taxi stations on or near their property, in most cases a bellman or front desk clerk can order a taxi for you.


Always choose the certified taxis with cars generally of beige color; they may charge more but are safer.


Some passengers say that outside the airport (approximately 3km far away) there are taxis that offer better prices, but we don’t recommend it. They could be not safe! Contact number: 809-549-0245 / 809-549-0011 / 809-549-0364.


Local Buses

Local buses stops 3 km far away from Las Américas Santo Domingo airport.

If do you wanna save money you can pick up a taxi to go there and after take the public transportation. It is not recommended to pick up local buses during night hours, it is not very safe and buses could be not running.


For the more adventurous that are decided to pick up public transportation, the local bus lines operate on most of the roads of the area, for a minimal cost. The downside to public transportation in the Dominican Republic is irregular bus schedules and potentially unsafe vehicles, drivers or passengers. Although for the most part it is a safe and effective means of transportation, it is generally recommended to use one of the more frequented means of getting around.


Guagua (bus): on the upper level of Santo Domingo airport there is a bus service that runs between the airport and Parque Enriquillo or Boca Chica. Location: same place where the cars come in to the SDQ airport. 


Car Rental

A number of car rental agencies operate at Santo Domingo airport. Check here the car rental agencies that provide service at SDQ airport and book online your vehicle!


Airport Shuttles

Various private companies provide transportation service to/from Santo Domingo airport. From the airport, passengers just have to follow the signposts.


Shared Van Ride

Different companies provide shared van service to/from the airport. Travelers share the ride and the price is more economical.