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Santo Domingo Airport Guide to Las Americas Airport - SDQ

Bus from Santo Domingo Airport

The public buses that connects Santo Domingo Airport with downtown aren’t much reliable, even for the locals!

Given it is impossible to exactly know where a bus goes unless you ask the driver nor the bus route isn’t marked, we do not recommend to use this mean of transportation unless you are accompanied by a local.

Please note that buses in Dominican Republic are called “guaguas”.

We ought passengers to avoid taking a public bus at night due to serious security concerns.



From Santo Domingo Airport there’s a minivan or guaguita that departs from outside Departures once it is filled to downtown, following 27 de Febrero Avenue and stopping before the bridge to Duarte area.

For those who wish to get beyond Duarte area, please board 27 de Febrero Corridor bus, which crosses the bridge straight to Duarte area.

Those buses gets to Parque Enriquillo (in downtown) to Boca Chica.

Departures are done every 30 minutes.

On the other hand, Caribe Tours operator has 4 daily services to and from Santo Domingo Airport. Departures are done at the toll road stop to Sanchez and Samana (3 km from the airport).


To catch a bus from Santo Domingo Airport, please go upstairs to Departures and get outside the terminal to the far left, exactly where cars come in.

To use Caribe Tours services, please pick up a taxi at the airport to the toll road stop.


The good part of taking a bus from Santo Domingo Airport is that they are ridiculously cheap: The fare is around USD 0.5 or 1.00 per ride.